Lethal Sauce Tournament


On November 9th, JacksonHky & PuckHogz Hky will be hosting an Original Hockey Sauce Kit tournament in Bassano Alberta. There will be 3 age groups:(12-)(17-)(18+)


Each player will guaranteed 5 games and a place in the playoff rounds.

Playoffs will be single Elimination until a Winner is Crowned.

1st place (18+) will take home 500$ Cash  & Hockey sauce kit

1st place (12-)&(17-) will take home a prize package valued over 500$

2nd & 3rd place in each category will be warded a price package 

Format & Rules:


The Boards are set up 25 feet apart. The distance is measured from the front of one board to the front of the other board.


Each game is played 1 v 1Players will take positions on opposing boardsPucks that bounce off the tile and continue into net, do not count


Pucks MUST SAUCER and not flip.Each player throws all three pucks and then alternate with the opposing player.


The round is complete after each player has sauced 3 pucks each.The points are awarded as follows:1 point for a sauce that ends up in the net3 points for a sauce that lands clean in the net with no bounces or posts. A "swish" if you will.The score for each round is determined by combining points for all pucks in the net with all pucks on the board.


The player with the higher total subtracts the opposing team’s points and earns the points of the difference between the two totals. The team with the lower total does not earn any points for the round.The team that scores more points for the round goes first in the next round.


If there is a tie, the team that went first in the previous round shall go first in the next round.The winner is declared once a player reaches or exceeds 21 points after the completion of a round.


If the 21 is not reached by the time limit for a game, the player with higher score will move on.

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